Refund Policy


We wish to give you, our client, the best service possible. At times, things may not go exactly accordingly to plan, and you may wish to terminate or contract, or we may need to terminate your contract.

Refunds generally are not acceptable once the service has been delivered to you.

If for any reason, we are unable to provide the service agreed in your contract, you can request cancellation of the contract by sending us an email, and we will respond within five working days. If accepted, a refund will be sent to the debit/credit card used to make initial payment.

By using our services, you accept that you have read and are in agreement with all terms outlined in this Refund Policy. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. If you are not in agreement with the terms of this Policy, we kindly ask that you do not make payments for any service, as any payments made shows your acceptance of our Refund Policy.